Reassessment & First Aid Beauty

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I don’t think there’s anything worst than not know what you want in life.

With that said, I’ve lived basically for 20 years not knowing what I want. I’ve only just recently reassessed my life, and I think I came to terms with what it is and what it will be. I’ve always been the obedient one, I follow instructions, and I do what’s expected of me. My whole life I’ve never known what I truly wanted. Or if I wanted anything specific at all. However after years of silent rebellion against choices my parents made for me, I think I’ve finally fully truly accepted it. In fact, I’ve even embraced it in a way. There are still many things I’m trying to figure out (obviously), but I think I made a step towards it.

I guess you can say that I’ve leveled up.

Now this wouldn’t be my blog if there isn’t anything beauty related.. So recently I’ve had the driest skin in months because of the rough Canadian winter and I’ve been on the hunt for some good moisturizer. I went to Sephora the other day and picked up the First Aid Beauty set.


So far I’m only liking the moisturizer, but I haven’t tried half the things yet. I will update with a review after I’ve tried everything. Stay tuned!


Atomic Lollipop & Stuff

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I am an anime lover and I cannot lie. LOL

That’s right. I love anime. Though I may not have a ton of time to watch all the new stuff, I still love how anime characters always looks so flawless. Aiii, what a great world that must be 😛

If you are in the Toronto area and an anime lover like me, then you must know that Atomic Lollipop happened sometime.. a couple of month ago LOL (yeah, I’m THAT behind with blog posts :c)

Besides the anime events, in the last couple of month I’ve been pretty busy. I helped to host a cultural event of around 200 people at a winery in June through July. After that I’ve just been in work mode. Work work work. Whoopee ): I’m finally starting to get some time to myself though, so I thought i’d update y’all ❤


Here are just some pictures fast forwarding on what I’ve been up to..

Me cosplaying as Haruhi

Me cosplaying as Haruhi

Group Pic :D

Group Pic 😀

KPOP Rooftop Party

KPOP Rooftop Party

Me and the Girls :3

Me and the Girls :3



Selfie :P

Selfie 😛

Cosplay :3

Cosplay :3

Me and teh BF

Me and teh BF


Haul blogpost coming soon guys, stay tuned! (: 

Thanks for reading! ❤

Singaporean Food Experience

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Last weekend I visited one of the most AMAZING Singapore restaurant (OK, maybe it’s the only one I know, but they are still amazing!). It was special not only because their food was delicious, but the way they ate. There were only minimal utensil, so we literally had to eat with our hands!


We started with this drink in the super adorable coconut shell. It was kind of like lemonade, but 10000x better. Honestly, where have this been my entire life?!!!


Then they gave us these fried stuff. I thought it was fish skin at first, but it was actually pork skin! Who knew pork skin could taste so good… ❤


Then came the soup. I believe it was beef broth? I don’t quite remember, but damn it was good. They gave us wooden spoons for the soup (I doubt anybody would want to use their hands on these, haha!).



This is the main course. It was just a row of freaking goodness laid flat in front of us. There were grilled fish, pork, chicken, and some other stuff I don’t quite remember. On the side there were mango salad to refresh our taste buds from all the meatiness. I love mango, I love meat, I love tomatoes. Honestly, this meal and me were a match made in heaven. Obviously because all our hands are dirty so I didn’t take any pictures of us eating.


Lastly they gave us this delicious dessert. I think it was called Halo Halo? Anyways, there were a variety of textures in this ice cream dessert, from what I remember there were coconut, jelly, jelly beans?, some fruits, and of course ice cream. It was a texture explosion in your mouth! XD

That was the highlight food of the week.

My boyfriend and I also visited Pacific Mall on Sunday to grab some quick food.

DSC_1737_副本 DSC_1738_副本


Here’s us! Have a good week guys. See you in my next post 😀



Birkenstock Dupes & mini Beauty Haul


I was reading through some of the fashion blogs I follow today, and saw a blogger talking about her dislike for the new Birkenstock trend. I completely agreed with her. The first time I saw Birkenstocks double strap sandals, I was totally repulsed. My mom literally owns a pair of the exact same ones. However, as I find with most trends, it grows on you. I remember the first time I saw UGGs, I just did not understand. They literally looked like socks to me -_-! And look at me now, rocking them every single day, even though it’s literally 20 degrees outside (Celsius). ^_^;

Anyways, so after seeing the double strapped sandals left and right for a little more than a month, I am ashamed to say that I have fallen in the fashion trend once again. However I wasn’t about to drop 100 dollars on a pair of sandals (still not over the fact that my mom owns a pair >_>), so I kept my eyes out for alternatives/dupes. Finally finally finally, after a couple of weeks of searching, I’ve found them at.. Walmart! Yes, Walmart.


They were $12 dollars. What a steal! For all of you looking for dupes for the Birkenstock sandals, look no further! PS. They’re apparently real leather too 😛

Since I was already at Walmart, I thought I’d do a little skincare shopping too. I didn’t get too many things, but if they work out well, I might do a review.


I’ve heard good things about this makeup remover. Thought I’d give it a try. I’ve even heard it might be a dupe for the Bioderma remover! DSC_1725_副本My first lip butter! I’ve always stuck with lip balms because I didn’t like how lip butters had to be applied with your fingers. But I just tried this baby, and gosh do I love it. Goodbye lip balms, and hello lip butter! (:

That’s it for today! If you want more updates, follow me on Instagram @Kinazilla